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Who will be working on my business social media accounts?

We dedicate a highly qualified Content Creator to handle your social media accounts. With thorough research on your business type and competitors, our specialist content creators generate specialized content for your social media accounts. Our aim here is to engage your audience with rich content that reflects your business.

How will SocialSmileSS know what to post on my social media page?

We conduct research and the manager assigned to you after you sign up would strategize and come up with innovative plans for Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Enabled with these strategies, we post content that not only increases engagement among the audience, but also gives you a cutting edge with respect to your competitors. Our team specializes in social media promotion.

After signing up with you can I do my own posts?

You can! It’s your account and you may post content whenever you please.

Will you take up promotions of special offers, deals, and promos of specific products?

Of course! The manager assigned to you would be your point of contact, and the manager would eagerly take your requests for promotion. You may send an email regarding the product or service to be promoted and the instructions would be executed.

Should I sign a contract?

We do have an agreement for you to sign online. It’s not a contract. It mentions the terms and conditions of our service. It also mentions mutual obligations of the agreement. We would ask for 10 days notice to stop work on your social media account.

If I need something more apart from what you offer in terms of social promotion and related services, would you help me?

Sure. We offer a wide range of solutions that includes enterprise level digital marketing, along with web development. We offer solutions to boost your business on all digital platforms. With huge experience working with many corporates in India and abroad, we provide a wide range of digital services. Please contact your manager or our office for these services. Contact Us

What if I don’t have a social media profile?

That should not be an issue. We would create a profile on your behalf; however, this is charged.

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